LIFA (Liga Internacional de Festivales y Artistas de la Música)

• We are the International League of Festivals and Artists of Music.
• An independent music festival, our first edition as LIFA was carried out in Mexico and Brazil in 2018.
• Focused on the global music market, the goal LIFA’s main is to export / import local music, national and international independent and create a circuit Latin American to create a direct dialogue between artists and professionals from all over the world.
• LIFA has been carried out for three consecutive years in Mexico & Brazil.
• LIFA seeks new talent music to transcend Borders and continents All roads take you to LIFA!
• Considering that Latin America is a fertile land of diverse talents and music, which independently They require a lot of support and mass dissemination.
• We have received support from different organizations private, public and government to produce our concept.

Our Goals

Unique in Latin America, the International League of Music Festivals and Artists is a festival of Independent music born in Mexico and will make this 2020 its third edition in Brazil and Mexico. Focused on the music market, LIFA’s main objective is to value national music independent and create a circuit in Latin America to strengthen the dialogue between local artists, national and professional music internationally … Since its inception, LIFA has sought to value local music to transcend borders and continents. While Latin America is a breeding ground for diverse talent and music, the independent level. It requires a lot of support and mass dissemination. We understand that not only from an attractive alignment and a unique concept lives a good festival. At least, not anymore, at a time when festivals grow gradually, which makes it harder to stand out from the crowd. Thinking about this, LIFA comes with the focus of innovating in the proposal, either by the place of performance or by the structure or experience offered to the public.
Due to the pandemic, LIFA 2020 was held in a digital event broadcast live from the LIFA Brasil studios in Brasilia with the live presentation of 3 Brazilian projects and a selection of video clips, interviews and pre-recorded sessions by more than 50 artists from 4 continents.